These model steam fire engines were originally built as toys for Victorian children by the Bing Company of Germany. Orginal examples are now extremely rare, and command a very high price when they appear at collectors sales.

Our fire engines are hand built replicas, exact in every detail of construction and materials. Each model is built to specifically to order, and comes complete with all accessories necessary for operation.

Each engine is presented in a handmade maroon box containing the hoses, funnel, pickup strainer, draw bar and individually numbered certificate with instructions.

Due to the large amount of work involved in making these engines, only a small number will be produced each year. If you are interested in ordering a fire engine from us please contact us to check delivery times.
Fire Engine Side
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Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 5"
Chassis: tin plate
Wheels: cast iron
Boiler: brass
Engine: nickel plated brass & steel

Each engine comes complete with:

Hoses, pick up strainer, spirit bottle, tin funnel & drawing bar
In addition the engine comes with a reprint of a comtempory report on performance, when the original engine was tested in 1902

All models are provided with special adapters to allow the engine to run on compressed air, thus preserving appearance.