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William Haycock

Welcome to the website of William Haycock. We are a family run Business, situated in the town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Throughout this site you will find many products and services, all provided by a unique company with over 175 years of experience in genuine high craftsmanship.

We are now developing our online shop. In it you will find an increasing range of clocks, clock parts, and materials such as our free cutting silver steel for clock pinions and many other uses.

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Steam Toys

A detailed reproduction of a Victorian steam fire engine, exact in every detail. Our models are fully functional and provided with all the neccessary accessories.


Our business was founded in 1826, but our firms roots in clockmaking go back long before that date.

If you require an English clock of the highest quality, made by a family firm with unrivaled experience, here is the place to look.

Clock & Mechanical Repairs

Producing new clocks gives us a head start when it comes to the repair of antique clocks and other mechanical mechanisms. The same dedicated machinery and expertise are brought together to breathe new life into worn or damaged examples of all ages.

Historical Machinery Reproduction & Restoration

Museums cannot always find original examples of historic machinery for display. These pages show the services William Haycock offer in this field, covering machine replication and restoration.

Precision Engineering

We manufacture components for many sectors of industry, specialising in development work, prototypes and small production runs.