Our company has, in recent years produced copies of historic machinery for museums in the United Kingdom and Europe. This work has often involved large amounts of research due to the fact that no original examples of the machinery are left in existence. A typical example of our past work is given below.

Arkwright's Cotton Spinning Machines

Our firm was approached by the Rheinische Industriemuseum, Ratingen, to produce a complete set of replica machinery for their museum. This museum preserves what is the oldest factory on the continent, set up in 1783 - the first fully mechanised cotton spinning mill.

The factory was founded by Elberfeld Gottfried Brugelmann, who had acquired the new "English spinning machines" from the factory of their inventor, Richard Arkwright of Cromford Mill in Derbyshire, England. This information was acquired by the means of "industrial espionage", using the knowhow of skilled British workers who had been persuaded to join him.

In all, five machines were made for the museum, two carding engines, a drawing frame, a complete water frame, and a lantern.

Water Frame Carding Engine Drawing Frame Lantern
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