The manufacture of traditional English clocks of the very highest quality remains at the heart of our business. In an age of mass production our factory and working techniques are now unique. To a very large extent clock movements are produced using the same techniques and machinery in use by the clockmakers of Ashbourne for hundreds of years.

Most of our clockmaking for customers is commission lead, meaning we can supply you with a clock tailored to your individual requirements. However we also offer wall clocks which can be produced in a shorter period of time to two individual set designs.


9" Dial Wall Clock

The image to the left shows our 9" dial eight day wall clock. This features an engraved brass dial with wind hole and hand cut blued steel hands.

Movement: Brass clock plates of substantial thickness, all hardened and tempered pinions and recoil escapement. Reclaimed mahogany or oak cover for movement.

Weight: This can be supplied as either cast iron (as left) or brass cased on request.


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Hook & Spike Wall Clock

This type of clock was unique to the clockmakers of the Ashbourne and Derby areas during the 19th Century.

The clock features an engraved brass dial of 7 inches diameter, brass faced pendulum bob and cast iron weight.

The movement is finished to the same high standards as our other clocks and will run for approximately three days between winding. The movement is protected by a traditional tin-plate cover. The Hook & Spike Clock is offered as either a timepiece alone or can be fitted with an alarm, as was the case in many original examples.

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Grandfather Clocks

William Haycock still manufacture traditional English 8 day long case clocks to the highest standard. All our grandfather clocks are produced to individual commissions by customers and hence we can produce a clock to your individual requirements.

Please e mail or telephone without obligation for more information.

Images of previous commissions will follow soon.